A true MacGyver

by Andrew Lovesey

The other day I was sitting front seat of my friend’s car driving along the streets of St. Catherine’s.

Getting into her car, she warned of its mounds of garbage. Potentially an old burger or two.

We pulled over at a 7-11 for a brief moment, at which point I took it upon myself to cleanse her car of the aforementioned rubbish. I began to remove the debris. This was inclusive of multiple water bottles, Red Bull, tissue, remnants of a cheeseburger and many other revolting discoveries. In my opinion, I was doing quite the good job. Back and forth, back and forth I went to and from the garbage can. Alas I was nearly done emptying the refuse of her car. I sat back down. Looking around I noticed I’d cleared almost everything. Then, from the corner of my eye, I noticed the half-empty bag of cosmetic pads. The bag was kinda of tattered, dirty – really. This final piece of trash was the bane of my existence. In a moment of obsessive compulsive mindlessness I outstretched my arm reaching for the bag. My friend stopped me, exclaiming that I could not dispose of this. I asked her why I couldn’t and she proceeded to tell me “you can’t because that’s my make-shift tampon kit…every girl’s gotta have one”.

I could not stop laughing.

This, my friends – is a true MacGyver.