Cottage country

by Andrew Lovesey

Only my friends and family would band together in the turning of a season to gather for one final sch-bang at the the cottage.


The cottage is one of my favourite places on the earth. It belongs to one of my best friends, who’s engaged to my older brother.

This weekend is her birthday. So ten of us piled onto the boat and hauled ass across the lake lugging provisions inclusive of everything from princess tiaras to more beer than I could possibly count. If we could live here, we would. It is the definition of serenity – utter bliss. One more is to join our ranks this eve, it is then that the party will truly commence.


Yet, do not get me wrong, it has been quite the busy weekend thus far. No lack of entertainment on this island, even though we have no TV. You’re probably wondering by now as to what I am alluding to… The one, minute (well, not so minute), detail that I have conveniently not disclosed is that we are not here alone. That is not to say there are bogeymen or unicorns on the island, but we did bring six dogs along for the weekend.


The dogs are as follows (in age):

Baby – Chihuahua/Pomeranian – 5 years

Pandora (Dora) – Jack Russell/Boston Terrier – 3 years

Jester – Lab/Border Collie – 3 years

Sprout – Chihuahua – 2 years

Loraline (Lola) – Pug/Jack Russell – 2 years

Mischief Elliot (Missy) – Doberman – 3 months



There has not been a dull moment…


Expect some poetry momentarily, I wrote another one on the dock today.