A testament to my love

by Andrew Lovesey

Tis unclear the instance we first met.



Perhaps a Tuesday,

the sky: gradient shades of




or was it yesterday?


It feels as though a lifetime has passed.


Grains of sand squeezed

through the waist

of an hourglass –

like minutes of the

day never satisfying

the hunger, that is

my longing for you.


Drawn toward

your radiance

like fly on bulb,

I wonder.


Wonder what

it is to be lost

in the world

that is your mind.


That mystifying sparkle,

caught somewhere between

your right eye and my sanity.


Or maybe,

it was the way

your words met air

likes the drops of rain

on my window.



The instance may have been some time ago,

but it will be etched in my mind forever.